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The NeMo WIFI Project

NEMO is an innovative project which will help to connect the canton of Neuchâtel and convey the image of a thriving region, reaching out to the world and new technologies. The partners below created a public/private partnership to produce a shared infrastructure to provide Wi-Fi access across Neuchâtel.
NEMO has created a shared network by pooling resources, and holds the potential to branch out into further wireless (Wi-Fi) services for residents and visitors. To achieve this, NEMO is willing to work alongside public or private organizations to broaden the availability of further Wi-Fi hotspots.

The NEMO concept is based on the following:

• An efficient communications infrastructure to provide internet access using Wi-Fi technology;
• A canton website where NEMO users can find out everything they need to know about the current hotspots, legal aspects, and the services provided;
• A system for the surveillance and management of internet access as required by the LSCPT (law on the surveillance of post and telecommunications) to meet the applicable legal requirements;
• Cohabitation with public and para-public sector Wi-Fi networks;
• Using existing private networks to hook private sector Wi-Fi access points up to the NEMO network;
• The partners have outsourced the technical and administrative management of the project to Vidéo 2000 SA.


public sector:

and private sector:


Vidéo 2000 SA
Avenue de la Gare 15
2000 Neuchâtel


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